From the Word Go 22 Feb 2007

Nick Drake’s From the Word Go explores the different meanings and implications which are tightly packed into that small word – from departures on journeys in this world and beyond it, through expulsions from homes, places and relationships, to the possibilities of adventure and new discovery.

At the heart of the book is a sequence describing the dying, death and afterlife of his father, an account of the struggles, fears, comedies, losses and revelations of that final process of going out of this world.

From the Word Go builds upon the considerable achievement of Nick Drake’s award-winning first collection, The Man in the White Suit.

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"A scintillating collection of poems…a mastery of form and tone, and a simple, uncontrived unravelling of emotional and psychological complexities… If you care about words; if you care about the impossibility but the nobility of trying to express the ineffable in language that is accessible but that stuns, then haunts you, buy this book"
Lloyd Rees, Envoi