Success 9 Jul 2009

Commissioned for the National Theatre's Connections project, Success was performed across the country, and by Islington Youth Theatre in the Olivier Theatre on 6th July 2009. It was published by Faber and Faber in NT Connections 2009.

Tom Rakewell is a lucky man. In one mid-summer night he makes a fortune and meets Lucy, the love of his life. Suddenly he is surrounded by well-wishers, led by the all-powerful Nick Shadow. Everyone who is anyone is keen to be his friend, and to help him spend his new cash on clothes, parties and the high life. It seems he has the world at his feet, and all his dreams of success can finally come true.

But what price success? And what does success really mean if you lose the thing of greatest value in your life? Just when Tom thought he had it all, he finds himself suddenly falling into the dark heart of the city where everyone is struggling to survive. What he finds there - from the anarchic pizza delivery boys Ping and Pong, to the all-seeing Kid in the rusty shopping trolley - shows him a world that is stranger than he ever imagined. But it is also where, unexpectedly, he finds his redemption, and wins back the love of Lucy.

Inspired by Hogarth's The Rake's Progress, Success collides the 18th and the 21st centuries, to tell a story of luck, success, money, false friends and true love.