Nefertiti: Book of the dead 9 Apr 2007

Part one of the Egypt Trilogy.

Published by Transworld in 2006, Nefertiti was short-listed for the Crime Writers' Association Best Historical Crime Novel award. The EGYPT trilogy has been optioned by Mammoth Screen, and is currently being adapted by Patrick Harbinson.

The EGYPT trilogy: Set against the dazzling splendour of the golden age of the Pharaohs of the 18th dynasty, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun and Egypt comprise a compelling historical crime trilogy featuring Rahotep, chief detective in the Thebes Medjay. The novels have been translated into 12 languages, and are published in the US by HarperCollins, in France by Plon, in Spain by Grijalbo and in Italy by Longanesi.


"Full of surprises from the very first line. It takes the reader on a spectacular mystery tour through the palaces, secret passages, tombs and torture chambers while portraying an Egypt at war with itself... And exciting and atmospheric adventure."
The Evening Standard

"A richly written and historically intriguing evocation of ancient Egypt... This is a genuinely ripping yarn"
The Times

"A fascinating novel... Drake's skills shine in his wonderfully lyrical descriptions of the ancient kingdom... Nefertiti offers an intriguing insight into an ancient culture, often spiritual in nature, and it has a great twist at the end... It will delight fans of both detective and historical fiction alike."
Books Quarterly

"Detective Rahotep's investigation is well plotted, the environment cleverly, credibly evoked, and the characters could have sprung in 3D from their painted sarcophagi or off the frescoes of their tombs."
Literary Review

"An excellent mystery debut... Drake displays great mastery of period detail."
Publishers Weekly