Egypt: The Book of Chaos 4 Aug 2011

The third in the Egypt Trilogy, published by Transworld and HarperCollins in the US. Find more online at Penguin, at HarperCollins (US), or buy on Hive.


"In Drake's hands, ancient Egypt comes to life with all its treachery, vengeance, passion and power. A stunning achievement."
Manda Scott

"Somehow, Drake takes an ancient, long-lost civilization with its enticing, exotic culture and makes it feel frighteningly familiar. His Thebes, with its drug cartels and criminal underworld, could be Bogota, and it is this grittiness, this danger, which is so alluring. It draws the reader in, like the insidious pull of Thebes’ opium dens, and you have no choice but to immerse yourself, to dig deeper into the enigma. In Chief detective Rahotep, Seeker of Mysteries, Drake has created an engaging, complex character who is at once both a product of his malignant and poisoned environment and perhaps also the would-be cure. From the low down and dirty crime of the streets to the artful subtleties of statecraft, Nick Drake takes us on a journey through the beating heart of ancient Egypt. I was captivated from the first page to the last"
Giles Kristian

"Rahotep, like C.J Sansom's Shardlake, is a detective at the very heart of his historical era."
Daily Express

"British author Drake’s dramatic finish to his trilogy set in ancient Egypt is every bit the equal of its standout predecessors"
Publisher's weekly Starred Review

"Drake crams plenty into his plot — murder, court intrigue, a rogue army roaming the hidden valleys of the Middle East and a ruthless female warrior with the hots for his hero"
Sunday Times (Culture)

"The multi layered and imaginative plot is well developed throughout, as is characterisation, and with Drake utilising key events from history – complete with his very own interpretation of events – Egypt: The Book of Chaos is an incredibly enjoyable and fluid read complete with the odd twist and turn thrown in for good measure"
Milo's Rambles